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BUD Special Fund

The new round of optimization measures implemented by the " BUD Special Fund" from January, 2020

  • Expand the geographical scope of funding of the “BUD Special Fund” to cover all economies (Including Mainland China, New Zealand, 4 European Free Trade Association countries, Chile, Macau, 10 ASEAN countries, Georgia and Australia) that have signed free trade agreements with Hong Kong

  • Increase the cumulative funding limit for each enterprise to 4 million yuan, including 2 million yuan for the implementation of projects in the Mainland and 2 million yuan for the implementation of projects in ASEAN and other free trade agreement economies

  • Increase the initial funding ratio from 25% of the total approved government funding to as high as 75%

  • All projects (including those that choose to apply for the first grant) can be carried out after submitting the application form

Application Form

All non-listed companies that are registered in Hong Kong in accordance with the Business Registration Ordinance (Chapter 310) and have substantial business operations in Hong Kong are eligible to apply for funding. Regardless of whether they are engaged in manufacturing or service industries, or whether they have business operations in Mainland China and free trade agreement economies, they are all eligible to apply for funding.



The subsidy is based on the 1:1 principle, that is, the government subsidizes up to 50% of the total approved expenditure of an individual project, and the enterprise must bear no less than 50% of the total approved expenditure of the project. During the application period of the fund,Maximum subsidy of HK$ 1M per applicationCapitalhelp,Each company can earn up to HK$ 4M.


Project Time

Each funded project must be completed within 24 months.


Scope of funding

Companies can apply for funding for projects that develop brands, upgrade and transform, and/or expand markets in Mainland China and free trade agreement economies.

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TVP Fund

The Technology Voucher Programme (TVP) was launched in November 2016. The purpose is to assist Hong Kong companies or organizations to improve their overall productivity, improve service quality, and transform their businesses through technology applications. After years of various optimization measures, the Technology Voucher (TVP) now provides 75% of the spending on technology systems for Hong Kong companies with substantial business, accumulating up to 600,000 yuan

Application Documentation

  • Business Registration Certificate (BR)

  • MPF contribution records for the past three months (signature and stamp required)

  • Annual Return (Natural Person Shareholder) (Signature and stamp required)

  • Have a copy of the documentary proof of the actual business operation in Hong Kong, and the business must be related to the application item (for example, invoices/receipts or commercial contracts issued within the last three months)

  • Copy of valid Hong Kong ID card or passport of the person signing the application form on behalf of the applicant company

  • A copy of a valid Hong Kong ID card or passport of a person with 30% or more ownership



  • Buying, renting or ordering is an essential part of the projectCustomizedEquipment/hardware, software and technology services or solutions

  • Buying, renting or subscribing toNecessary components of the projectofReady-madeEquipment or hardware, software and technology services or programs. But the cost of these equipment/hardware or software or services or solutions,Should not exceed 50% of the project cost

  • Project audit (only applicable to projects with approved funding of more than HK$50,000), the audit fee is capped at HK$3,000

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