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What elements and processes need protection?


Implement appropriate safeguards to ensure the protection of enterprises


Implement appropriate mechanisms to identify the occurrence of cybersecurity incidents 


Develop techniques to contain the impacts of cybersecurity events


Implement the appropriate processes to restore capabilities and services impaired due to cybersecurity events

Right way for Multi-cloud environments

Traditional application security approaches may not keep you up with dynamic multi-cloud environments? Enterprise shall adopt more the following ways:

  • Defense approach – explore different innovative and recognized precautions ways for protection

  • Recon approach – relative offense way to collect external intelligent outside your environment and cloud platforms

Cloud Security Management & Approach

A core set of essential security function should be enforced in every cloud environment. Deployment of advanced security services should also be considered based on mission critical applications, data classification and regulatory requirements. The operating model and the cloud environment must adhere to regulatory and compliance requirements while increase on security controls with cloud-native capabilities.

Consultancy & Assessment Service

Provide consultancy on cloud-native and/ or enterprise security solutions that can protect your business from internal & external cyber-attacks.

Adopt the right procedures to check any vulnerabilities that may happen to your cloud environments such as cloud posture management check-up assessment service, secure mobile devices & mobile applications, audit trial compliance solutions.

Adopt DevSecOps with fully automated runtime security and provide service on vulnerability management.

Assessment & training services to keep your red team/ blue team / Incident Response team equipped with latest attackers’ scenarios especially on Cloud Range platforms through attack simulation assessment tools.

Cloud/ Applications / Endpoint & Mobile Protections

Adopt prevention & precaution by multiple ways of protections including cloud based anti DDoS, web application firewall (WAF), host security service, Extended Detection and Response (XDR), Mobile Threat Defense (MTD).

Security Operations Centre (SOC) support & monitoring services for custom made alerts/ support with integration to your current monitoring & response systems.

Digital Risk Protection Service –
Darknet Threat Intelligent

To adopt recon way of proactive prevention before action from hackers will be the most effective way to protect your digital assets. You can get instant intelligent before hackers put your digital assets for trading in Darknet.

Provide you advise and take down action to stop lost against hackers. Attack incident response service can be offered when your critical data being ransomware, phishing attacks, data credentials leakages, brands reputation attacks, faked mobile applications, forensic investigation etc.

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